Conference Papers

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Papers are organized by conference year.

1999Chemistry and MineralogyJames Hower, Darrell Taulbee, Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Harold SchobertCharacterization of differing forms of unburned carbon present in fly ash
1999Chemistry and MineralogyJ. Bradley, A. Shyam, L. van Reeuwijk, Chris ZevenbergenClay formation during weathering of alkaline coal fly ash
1999Chemistry and MineralogyAkira Maegawa, Iolanda Fernandes, Lizete Ferret, Carlos Khahl, Júlio EndresCrystaline microstructure modification of Brazilian coal ash with alcaline solution
1999Chemistry and MineralogyXavier Querol, Juan Umana, Andres Alastuey, Carlos Ayora, Angel Lopez-Soler, Feliciano PlanaExtraction of major soluble impurities from fly ash in open and closed leaching systems
1999Chemistry and MineralogyJames Hower, Gerald Thomas, Alan TrimbleImpact of conversion to low-NOx combustion on fly ash quality: investigation of a unit burning high-sulfur coal
1999Chemistry and MineralogyThomas Peterson, A. Sarofim, Joseph Helble, J. Wendt, A. Shah, Gerald Huffman, Frank Huggins, Naresh ShahReactions of calcium and sodium during combustion of lignite
1999Chemistry and MineralogyEzequiel Garcia-Rojo, Manel Domingo, Alejandro Medinaceli, Antonio Valero, Xavier Querol, Juan Umana, Feliciano Plana, Andres Alastuey, Angel Lopez-SoSynthesis of zeolites from fly ash in a pilot plant scale: examples of potential environmental applications
1999Chemistry and MineralogyAkira Maegawa, Lizete Ferret, Iolanda Fernandes, Carlos Khahl, Júlio EndresZeolification of ashes obtained from the combustion of southern’s Brazil Candiota coal
1999Commercial Ash Processing - a User's PerspectiveMark ShillingCarolina Power & Light Co. - carbon/ash separation
1999Commercial Ash Processing - a User's PerspectiveThomas EdensRecovery and utilization of pond ash
1999Commercial Ash Processing - a User's PerspectiveJames Keppeler, Jimmy Knowles, William FradySouth Carolina Electric & Gas successful application of carbon burn-out at the Wateree Station
1999Concrete and CementMichael SuttonAutoclaved cellular concrete, the future of fly ash
1999Concrete and CementEdward Anthony, Agripina Iribarne, Julio Iribarne, Jacques BlondinHydration of combustion ashes - a chemical and physical study
1999Concrete and CementZhaoui Xie, Della Roy, Michael SilsbeeInfluences of surplus SO3 in FBC ash on formation of belite-rich sulfoaluminate clinker
1999Construction and Evolution of CCPsPaul Cunningham, Thomas Nickeson, William StoutA field evaluation of the use of FBC flyash for barnyard pavement
1999Construction and Evolution of CCPsWilliam Hodges, Matthew Erbe, Robert KeatingEvaluation of water quality conditions associated with the use of coal combustion products for highway embankments
1999Construction and Evolution of CCPsMichael Schroeder, Debra Pflughoeft-Hassett, David HassettMaterials from conversion of coal for power production: practical working definitions
1999Construction and Evolution of CCPsTarunjit Butalia, William Wolfe, Jung LeePotential use of FGD as a flowable-fill
1999Construction and Evolution of CCPsBruce Dockter, Kurt Eylands, Lucinda HamreUse of bottom ash and fly ash in rammed-earth construction
1999Durability Issues/EttringiteGregory McCarthy, Dean Grier, Marissa Wisdom, Renee Peterson, Stephanie Lerach, Raquel Jarabek, Jeffrey Walsh, Ryan WinburnCoal combustion by-product diagenesis II
1999Durability Issues/EttringiteWilliam Wolfe, Tarunjit ButaliaEffect of freeze-thaw cycling on the mechanical properties of FGD by-products
1999Durability Issues/EttringiteTommy Hopkins, Tony BeckhamLong-term performance of a highway subgrade stabilized with an atmospheric fluidized bed combustion material
1999Durability Issues/EttringiteDonald Saylak, Cindy EstakhriStabilization of road bases containing coal combustion by-product sulfates and sulfites using high volume fly ash cement
1999Economic Development IssuesRobert Keating, William HodgesMaryland Power Plant Research Program promotes the beneficial use of CCPs as a means to protect Maryland's natural resources
1999Economic Development IssuesRustu Kalyoncu, Barry StewartMaterials flow in the production and use of coal combustion products
1999Economic Development IssuesRick Honaker, Hasan Sevim, Nader GhafooriProcessing, transporting, and utilizing coal combustion by-products
1999Economic Development IssuesPaul PetzrickThe Maryland Coal Combustion By-Product/Acid Mine Drainage Partnership
1999Environmental AspectsBarry Stewart, W. Daniels, Lucian ZelaznyCharacterization of acid leaching reactions in coal refuse/coal fly ash bulk blends
1999Environmental AspectsMaria Janssen, Henk Nugteren, Brian ScarlettImprovement of environmental quality of coal fly ash by applying forced leaching
1999Environmental AspectsAnn Kim, George KazonichMass release of trace elements from coal combustion by-products
1999Environmental AspectsI. Lecuyer, Valerie Hequet, P. Ricou, Pierre Le CloirecRemoval of Cu2+ and Zn2+ in aqueous solutions by sorption onto fly ash and fly ash mixtures
1999Environmental AspectsGeorge Kazonich, Ann KimThe release of base metals during acidic leaching of fly ash
1999Environmental AspectsJames Rybarczyk, Tracy Branam, Ronald Smith, Margaret Ennis, John ComerTrace element partitioning in ground water at an abandoned mine-land site reclaimed with coal combustion products
1999Forest/Soil ReclamationRalph Clark, K. Ritchey, V. BaligarBenefits and constraints for use of FGD products on agricultural land
1999Forest/Soil ReclamationRichard Kruger, Kelley Reynolds-Clausen, Norman RethmanCrop responses to SLASH (mixture of sewage sludge, lime and fly ash) as influenced by soil texture, acidity and fertility
1999Forest/Soil ReclamationHaim Cohen, Shlomit ShepsEvaluation of the leaching potential of trace elements from coal ash to the (groundwater) aquifer
1999Forest/Soil ReclamationKelley Reynolds-Clausen, Richard Kruger, Norman RethmanThe manufacture and evaluation of an artificial soil (SLASH) prepared from fly ash and sewage sludge
1999Haulback/RemediationRalph HaefnerA sulfur-isotope mixing model to trace leachate from pressurized fluidized bed combustion byproducts in an abandoned coal mine setting
1999Haulback/RemediationYu-Ping Chin, Jim Wood, Mikko Lamminen, Harold WalkerAcid mine drainage abatement using flue gas desulfurization byproduct: water quality aspects
1999Haulback/RemediationPaul Petzrick, Leonard RafalkoThe Western Maryland Coal Combustion By-Products/Acid Mine Drainage Initiative - the Winding Ridge Demonstration Project
1999Haulback/RemediationGary Novak, Harry Payne, Carl Togni, Ben StuartUse of flue gas desulfurization by-product for mine sealing and abatement of acid mine drainage
1999Institutional and Government ProgramsJacqueline Bird, Howard JohnsonA review of OCDO's CCP initiatives: a program perspective
1999Institutional and Government ProgramsBarry Stewart, Samuel Tyson, Gregg DeinhartAmerican Coal Ash Association programs to advance the management and use of coal combustion products (CCPs)
1999Mercury/Health Aspects of Fly AshUschi Graham, Gerald ThomasChemically active aerogel-fly ash composites for mercury clean-up
1999Mercury/Health Aspects of Fly AshDavid Hassett, Debra Pflughoeft-Hassett, Dennis Laudal, John PavlishMercury release from coal combustion by-products to the environment
1999New ProductsChristopher Swan, Ola HolmstromGeotechnical properties of innovative, synthetic lightweight aggregates
1999New ProductsDrusilla Brown, Jeffrey Zabel, Christopher Swan, Stephen LevineOptimization and economic evaluation of coal fly ash reuse in new synthetic lightweight aggregates
1999New ProductsPaul MeyerSpheroidal beads from boiler slag and fly ash
1999New ProductsDavid Wardle, Richard Kruger, Mark HovyThe use of fly ash fillers in rubber
1999New ProductsJames Hower, Darrell Taulbee, Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Harold Schobert, John AndresenUse of unburned carbon in fly ash as precursor for the development of activated carbons
1999PostersRichard Kruger, Kelley Reynolds-Clausen, Norman Rethman, Elelwani Ramagadza, Elsa du Toit"SLASH" for flower and vegetable production in the informal sector in South Africa
1999PostersPaul Petzrick, Heather Wattenbach, Leonard RafalkoAn evaluation of free-lime containing by-products to produce CCB grouts for use in AMD abatement
1999PostersRoger Decesare, David Hoecke, Arthur Plumley, Herbert HollanderASME/U.S. Bureau of Mines investigative program on vitrification of combustion ash/residue
1999PostersRonald Affolter, Michael Brownfield, James CathcartChemical variation of feed coal and coal combustion products from an Indiana power plant utilizing low sulfur Powder River Basin coal
1999PostersJames Hower, Michael Brownfield, Ronald Affolter, James Cathcart, Isabelle BrownfieldDispersed volcanic ash in feed coal and its influence on coal combustion products
1999PostersI. Lecuyer, P. Ricou, Valerie Hequet, Pierre Le CloirecInfluence of operating conditions on heavy metal cation removal by fly ash in aqueous solutions
1999PostersZbigniew Kolacinski, Krystyna Cedzynska, Michal Izydorczyk, Witold SroczynskiPlasma vitrification of waste incinerator ashes
1999PostersD. Martens, Mojtaba Zaifnejad, K. Ritchey, Ralph Clark, V. BaligarRenovation of acidic Appalachian soil with FGD gypsum and FBC residue: soil leachate evaluation
1999PostersXavier Querol, Feliciano Plana, Juan Umana, Jose Andres, Pedro FerrerZeolitisation of coal fly ashes using microwaves. Process optimisation
1999ProcessingDennis Finseth, McMahan Gray, Kenneth Champagne, Yee SoongParametric study of the column oil agglomeration of fly ash
1999ProcessingMark Shilling, Charles Willauer, Al VasiliauskasSuccessful fly ash beneficiation at Carolina Power & Light’s Roxboro Station
1999ProcessingRalph Altman, Heng Ban, John Stencel, Tianxiang Li, Tapiwa Gurupira, Charles Jones, James NeatheryTechnology development for carbon-ash beneficiation by pneumatic transport, triboelectric processing
1999ProcessingG. Quattroni, Lorenzo Orsenigo, Roberto Peretti, A. Zucca, Raimondo Ciccu, M. Ghiani, A. Muntoni, A. SerciThe Italian approach to the problem of fly ash
1999ProcessingTianxiang Li, Xinkai Jiang, James Neathery, John StencelTriboelectric process of combustion fly ash after carbon burnout
1999ProcessingYee Soong, Michael Schoffstall, Gino Irdi, Thomas LinkTriboelectrostatic separation of fly ash
2001AmmoniaIndrek Kulaots, Yu Gao, Robert Hurt, Eric SuubergAdsorption of Ammonia on Coal Fly Ash
2001AmmoniaRobert Rathbone, Mark Tyra, Levi HarperRates of Ammonia Loss from Mortar
2001AmmoniaJames Bittner, Stephen Gasiorowski, Frank HrachRemoving Ammonia from Fly Ash
2001AmmoniaMark Tyra, Thomas RoblResearch in Ammonia Diffusivity in Portland Cement Based Mixes
2001AmmoniaAurora Rubel, John Stencel, Robert RathboneThermal Characteristics of Ammonia Release from Combustion Ash
2001Beneficiation ICharles Williams, Dennis DobbsA Utility Perspective: Subsidized Projects – How Much Should You Pay?
2001Beneficiation IJohn Groppo, Thomas RoblAshes to Energy – The Coleman Power Plant Project
2001Beneficiation IJames KeppelerCarbon Burn-Out: An Update on Commercial Applications
2001Beneficiation ICharles Lockert, Robert Lister, John StencelCommercialization Status of a Pneumatic Transport, Triboelectrostatic System for Carbon/Ash Separation
2001Beneficiation IJames MacLean, James TranquillaMicrowave Carbon Burnout (MCB): Gas Byproducts and Deportment of Specific Metallic Elements
2001Beneficiation IStanislav Vassilev, Rosa Menendez, Diego Alvarez, Angeles BorregoMulticomponent Utilization of Fly Ash: Dream or Reality
2001Beneficiation IWilliam Barnwell, Kenneth TappPonded Bottom Ash, One Man’s Treasure
2001Beneficiation IOrhan Ozdemir, Bahri Ersoy, Mehmet CelikSeparation of Pozzolonic Material from Lignitic Fly Ash of Tuncbilek Power Station
2001Beneficiation IJames Bittner, Stephen GasiorowskiSTI’s Six Years of Commercial Experience in Electrostatic Benefication of Fly Ash
2001Beneficiation IXinkai Jiang, John StencelThe Influence of Ash Particles Interactions During Pneumatic Transport, Triboelectric Beneficiation
2001Beneficiation IPaul Hamley, Edward Lester, Alan Thompson, Michael Cloke, Martyn PoliakoffThe Removal of Carbon from Fly Ash Using Supercritical Water Oxidation
2001Chemistry and Mineralogy IAli Karayigit, Rodney GayerCharacterisation of Fly Ash from the Kangal Power Plant, Eastern Turkey
2001Chemistry and Mineralogy IRobert Zielinski, Andrea Foster, Gregory Meeker, Alan Koenig, Isabelle BrownfieldMode of Occurrence of Arsenic in Feed Coal and its Derivative Fly Ash, Black Warrior Basin, Alabama
2001Chemistry and Mineralogy IOriol Font, Xavier Querol, Feliciano Plana, Angel Lopez-Soler, Jose Chimenos, Maria March, Ferran Espiell, Silvia Burgos, Francisco Pena, Corinne AlliOccurrence and Distribution of Valuable Metals in Fly Ash from Puertollano IGCC Power Plant, Spain
2001Chemistry and Mineralogy IPanuwat Taerakul, Ping Sun, J. Lee, Danold Golightly, Linda Weavers, Harold Walker, Tarunjit ButaliaShort and Long Term Variability of Flue Gas Desulfurization By-Product
2001Construction Products IKedsarin Pimraksa, Matthias Wilhelm, Michael Kochberger, Werner WrussA New Approach to the Production of Bricks Made of 100% Fly Ash
2001Construction Products IWilliam Wolfe, Randall Poston, Tarunjit ButaliaThe Behavior of Coal Combustion Products in Structural Fills - A Case History
2001Construction Products IIPeriaswamy Arjunan, Michael Silsbee, Della RoyChemical Activation of Low Calcium Fly Ash Part 1: Identification of Suitable Activators and their Dosage
2001Construction Products IIBirendra SahuImprovement in California Bearing Ratio of Various Soils in Botswana by Fly Ash
2001Construction Products IIL.K. Crouch, Heather Sauter, Audrey Copeland, Todd Walker, Jamey Dotson, Daniel BadoeThe Effects of Fly Ash and Portland Cement on Long Term Excavatability of Flowable Fill
2001Construction Products IIPalmer SweetUse of Coal Combustion Products in Virginia
2001Construction Products IITutunlu Fatih, Atalay UmitUtilization of Fly Ash in Manufacturing of Building Bricks
2001Construction Products IIIPeriaswamy Arjunan, Michael Silsbee, Della RoyChemical Activation of Low Calcium Fly Ash Part II: Effect of Mineralogical Composition on Alkali Activation
2001Construction Products IIIRudolf Meij, Esther Kokmeijer, Leendert Tamboer, Henk te WinkelField Leaching of Bricks and Concrete Containing Coal Fly Ash
2001Construction Products IIIMaria Izquierdo, Enric Vazquez, Xavier Querol, Marilda Barra, Angel Lopez-Soler, Feliciano PlanaUse of Bottom Ash from Municipal Solid Waste Incineration as a Road Material
2001Environmental Benefits IXavier Querol, Natalia Moreno, Juan Umana, Roberto Juan, Susana Hernandez, Constantino Fernandez-Pereira, Carlos Ayora, Maria Janssen, Javier Garcia, Fly Ash Zeolitization Products Applied to Waste Water and Flue Gas Decontamination
2001Environmental Benefits INatalia Moreno, Xavier Querol, Andres Alastuey, Antonio Garcia-Sanchez, Angel Lopez-Soler, Carlos AyoraImmobilization of Heavy Metals in Polluted Soils by the Addition of Zeolitic Material Synthesized from Coal Fly Ash.
2001Environmental Benefits IJúlio Endres, Lizete Ferret, Iolanda Fernandes, Luciana HofmeisterThe Removal of Fe, Zn, Cu, and Pb from Wastewaters Using Chabazite Zeolites Produced from Southern Brazilian Coal Ashes
2001Environmental Benefits IJody Tishmack, J. Peterson, D. FlanaganUse of Coal Combustion By-Products to Reduce Soil Erosion
2001Environmental Benefits ITarunjit Butalia, William WolfeUtilization of Ohio Coal Combustion Products
2001Environmental Benefits IILoreal Heebink, David HassettCoal Fly Ash Trace Element Mobility in Soil Stabilization
2001Environmental Benefits IITarunjit Butalia, William WolfeLong-Term Permeability Monitoring of an FGD-Lined Pond Facility
2001Environmental Benefits IIMichael Sutton, Thomas Schmaltz-x, Evelyn Cheri Miller, Kathy HarperRadon Emissions from a High Volume Coal Fly Ash Structural Fill Site
2001Environmental Benefits IIKatsutoshi Yamada, Kensaku Haraguchi, Carmel Gacho, Lucila Salinas, Christopher Silverio, Bussakorn WongshiriRemoval of Phosphate from Aqueous Solution by Crystallization Using Coal Fly Ash
2001Environmental Benefits IIWilliam Wolfe, R. Lee, Tarunjit Butalia, S. BrownThe Effect of Ettringite Formation on Expansion Properties of Compacted Spray Dryer Ash
2001Environmental Benefits IIWayne Truter, Norman Rethman, Kelley Reynolds-Clausen, Richard KrugerThe Use of a Soil Ameliorant Based on Fly ash and Sewage Sludge
2001Environmental Benefits IIILucy Camacho, Stuart Munson-McGeeCombined Statistical Model for the Leaching of Heavy Metals from Fly Ash Solidified/Stabilized Wastes
2001Environmental Benefits IIIDavid Hassett, Loreal HeebinkRelease of Mercury Vapor from Coal Combustion Ash
2001Environmental Benefits IIIJames Hower, Tanaporn Sakulpitakphon, Darrell Taulbee, Mercedes Maroto-ValerStudies of Mercury Capture on Fly Ash: Examples from Power Plants Burning Kentucky Coals
2001Environmental Benefits IIIDavid BehelTVA Research on Coal Combustion By-Products: Uses and Environmental Impacts
2001Government ProgramsDebra Pflughoeft-Hassett, David HassettDeveloping Beneficial Use Rules for Coal Combustion Products (CCPs)
2001Government ProgramsLindon SearFly Ash Standards, Market Strategy and UK Practice
2001Government ProgramsKimery VoriesThe U.S. DOI, Office of Surface Mining: Initiatives Related to Coal Combustion By-Products (CCBs)
2001Keynote - PlenaryRudolf Meij, Jan van den BergCoal Fly Ash Management in Europe: Trends, Regulations and Health & Safety Aspects
2001Keynote - PlenaryAri GeertsemaCoal Products: Status and Future for the USA
2001Keynote - PlenaryRudolf Meij, Henk te WinkelHealth Aspects of Coal Fly Ash
2001Mining IRaimondo Ciccu, M. Ghiani, Roberto Peretti, A. Serci, A. ZuccaHeavy Metal Immobilization Using Fly Ash in Soils Contaminated by Mine Activity
2001Mining IJoseph Schueck, Joseph Tarantino, Timothy Kania, Barry ScheetzThe Use of FBC Ash for Alkaline Addition at Surface Coal Mines
2001Mining IPaul PetzrickThe Use of Power Plant Combustion Products in Maryland
2001Mining IPanuwat Taerakul, Mikko Lamminen, Harold Walker, E. WhitlatchWater Quality at the Roberts-Dawson Coal Mine Three Years After Placement of Flue Gas Desulfurization By-Product
2001New Products IHenk Nugteren, Natalia Moreno, Eva Sebastia, Xavier QuerolDetermination of the Available Si and Al from Coal Fly Ashes under Alkaline Conditions with the Aim of Synthesizing Zeolite Products
2001New Products IConstantino Fernandez-Pereira, Luis Arenas, Jose Parapar, Miguel Rodriguez-Pinero, Joaquin del ValleProduction of Plates Based on Coal Fly Ash for Their Use as Insulating Materials in Doors and Fire Break Walls
2001New Products IWilliam Quapp, Jeffrey Surma, Robert DejaiffeProduction of Recycled Products from Coal Ash Using a Plasma Enhanced Melter™
2001New Products IIJadwiga Wieckowska, W. PietraszkiewiczFly Ash as Carrier of Catalysts in the Claus Process
2001New Products IITapiwa Gurupira, Charles Jones, Allen Howard, Cal Lockert, Tracy Wandell, John StencelNew Products from Coal Combustion Ash: Selective Extraction of Particles with Density < 2
2001New Products IIXu Chen, Mark Farber, Yu Gao, Arun Mehta, Larry Gurnari, Eric Suuberg, Robert HurtOzonation for the Chemical Modification of Carbon Surfaces in Fly Ash
2001PostersLiming Chen, Warren Dick, Sid NelsonFlue Gas Desulfurization By-products as Lime and Sulfur Sources for Alfalfa and Soybean
2001PostersJody Tishmack, J. Peterson, D. FlanaganUse of Coal Combustion By-Products to Reduce Soil Erosion
2001PostersLuis Arenas, Constantino Fernandez-Pereira, Carlos Fernandez, Joaquin del Valle, Jose ParaparUse of Coal Fly Ash in a Sprayed Mortar for the Passive Protection against Fire of Metallic Structures
2001Welcoming Remarks - PlenaryMichael EastmanWelcoming Remarks
2003Beneficiation 1Johannes Potgieter, Sanja Potgieter-Vermaak, Richard Kruger, Japie KrugerDevelopment of a Robust Quality Control Procedure to Measure Particle Size Distributions in Fly Ash
2003Beneficiation 2Edward Brandner, Robin Oder, Russell JamisonA New Fly Ash Separator Combining Magnetic Forces with Air Drag
2003Bulk 1Craig HeidrichAsh Utilisation – an Australian Perspective
2003Bulk 1Mike HunterConcrete Domes for Flyash Storage
2003Bulk 2Mei-In Chou, Francois BothaManufacturing Commercial Bricks with Illinois Coal Fly Ash
2003Bulk 2Joel BeeghlyRecent Experiences with Lime – Fly Ash Stabilization of Pavement Subgrade Soils, Base, and Recycled Asphalt
2003Bulk 3Donald Saylak, Cindy Estakhri, Suren Mishra, Dongguen SinnBase Stabilization and Dust Control Using Calcium Chloride and Fly Ash
2003Bulk 3David Beck, William Kraemer, Richard MackBottom Ash Use in Utility Joint Trench Operation
2003Concrete 1Javed Bhatty, John Gajda, F. MillerCommercial Demonstration of High-Carbon Fly Ash Technology in Cement Manufacturing
2003Concrete 1Bruce Dockter, Kurt EylandsDevelopment of Management Options for Biomass Combustion By-Products
2003Concrete 2Aires Camoes de Azevedo, Jose Aguiar, Sai JalaliDurability of Low Cost High Performance Fly Ash Concrete
2003Concrete 2Robert Rathbone, Russ MajorsTechniques for Measuring Ammonia In Fly Ash, Mortar, and Concrete
2003Concrete 3David HassettEvaluating Expansion Potential of CCBs
2003CUBs and Sustainable DevelopmentJames Amonette, Jungbae Kim, Colleen Russell, Anthony Palumbo, W. DanielsEnhancement of Soil Carbon Sequestration by Amendment with Fly Ash
2003CUBs and Sustainable DevelopmentVincent Giampa-xThe Fate of Ammonia and Mercury in the Carbon Burn-Out (CBO™) Process
2003Environment 1B. Mittra, Sambhunath Karmakar, D. Swain, Bijoy GhoshFly Ash – a Potential Source of Soil Amendment and a Component of Integrated Plant Nutrient Supply System
2003Environment 1Todd Stong, Ron Jorgenson, Russell Nelson, Tony StrohModeling of Constantly Evolving CCP Management Options at a Coal-fired Power Plant
2003Environment 2Yin-Sung Hsu, Bing-Jean Lee, Henry LiuMixing Reservoir Sediment with Fly Ash to Make Bricks and Other Products
2003Environment 2Lindon Sear, Andrew Weatherley, Andrew DawsonThe Environmental Impacts of Using Fly Ash – the UK Producers’ Perspective
2003Environment 3Leslie Petrik, Richard White, Michael Klink, Vernon Somerset, Colleen Burgers, Martin FeyUtilization of South African Fly Ash to Treat Acid Coal Mine Drainage, and Production of High Quality Zeolites from the Residual Solids
2003Environment 4Emilia Salaveri, Luis Arenas, Natalia Moreno, Xavier Querol, Jose Parapar, Constantino Fernandez-PereiraApplication of Zeolitized Coal Fly Ashes to the Depuration of Liquid Wastes
2003FGD 1Edward Anthony, Lufei Jia, Yinghai Wu, Melanie CarisCFBC Ash Hydration Studies
2003FGD 1Panuwat Taerakul, Ping Sun, Danold Golightly, Tarunjit Butalia, Harold Walker, Linda WeaversCharacterization of Hg, As and Se in Lime Spray Dryer Ash
2003FGD 2Chin-Min Cheng, Harold WalkerMechanisms Controlling Leaching Kinetics of Fixated Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Material: the pH Effect
2003Hydrology/Leaching 1Ishwar Murarka, David Hassett, Debra Pflughoeft-Hassett, Loreal HeebinkLeaching of Selected Constituents from Ammoniated Fly Ash from a Coal-Fired Power Plant
2003Hydrology/Leaching 3David Hassett, Debra Pflughoeft-Hassett, Loreal HeebinkLeaching of CCBs: Observations from Over 25 Years of Research
2003Keynote - PlenaryM. Jones, Michael McCarthy, Aikaterini McCarthyMoving Fly Ash Utilisation in Concrete Forward: A UK Perspective presented by Dr. M. R. Jones, Head of the Division of Civil Engineering and Reader in Concrete Technology at the University of Dundee, Scotland
2003Mercury 1David Hassett, Loreal HeebinkLong-Term Mercury Release from CCBs
2003Mercury 1Loreal Heebink, David HassettMercury Release from FGD
2003Novel Applications 1Alex Mishulovich, James EvankoCeramic Tiles from High-Carbon Fly Ash
2003Novel Applications 1Javed Bhatty, John Gajda, F. MillerConversion of Coal Prep-Wastes into Portland Cements
2003Novel Applications 1Anil Misra, Sushant ruhlman, Debabrata BiswasUtilization of Silo Stored and Ponded Class C Fly Ash in Road Bases
2003Novel Applications 3Haim CohenFly Ash: A Potential Excellent Scrubber for Acidic Wastes in Israel
2003Novel Applications 3Haim Cohen, Eli Lederman, Mike Werner, Ithamar Pelly, Mehmet PolatSynergetic Effect of Coal Flyash as a Scrubber to Acidic Wastes of the Phosphate Fertilizers Industry
2003PostersKarl Schroeder, Michael Schoffstall, Ann KimAdsorption of Mercury onto Fly Ash
2003PostersBrian Hart, Don Hayden, Michael PowellEvaluation of Pulverized Fuel Ash Mixed with Organic Matter to Act as a Manufactured Growth Medium
2003PostersCarlos Fernandez, Luis Arenas, Constantino Fernandez-Pereira, Jose ParaparInfluence of the Type of Ash on the Insulating Capacity of Fly Ash Mortars Used for Passive Protection against Fire
2003PostersKatsutoshi Yamada, Kensaku Haraguchi, Carmel Gacho, Bussakorn Wongshiri, Mary PenaRemoval of Dyes from Aqueous Solution by Sorption with Coal Fly Ash
2003PostersSubhash Shah, Yeon-Tae JeongThe Flow Characteristics of Fly Ash Slurry for Plugging Abandoned Wells Using Coiled Tubing
2005Aggregates 1Maria Izquierdo, Xavier Querol, Enric Vazquez, Alejandro Josa, Angel Lopez-SolerComparison Between Laboratory Leaching Properties and Field Experiments of MSWI Bottom Ash Used as an Unbound Granular Material for Road Pavements
2005Aggregates 1Benjamin Phillips - x, John Groppo, Roger PerroneEvaluation of Processed Bottom Ash for Use as Lightweight Aggregate in the Production of Concrete Masonry Units
2005Aggregates 2Atsuko Sato, Satoshi NishimotoEffective Reuse of Coal Ash as Civil Engineering Material
2005Aggregates 2Obada KayaliFlashag – New Lightweight Aggregate for High Strength and Durable Concrete
2005Aggregates 2Monica Aineto, D. Acosta, Jesus Rincon, Maximina RomeroProduction of Lightweight Aggregates from Coal Gasification Fly Ash and Slag
2005Agriculture 3John Buck, Lawrence LaBuzBottom Ash Fines as a Soil Amendment for Turfgrass and Site Closure – Laboratory and Mesocosm Studies at PPL Brunner Island and Montour Steam Electric Station
2005Agriculture 3Craig HeidrichThe Environmental Bonafides for CCP Use in Australian Agricultural and Horticultural Systems
2005Agriculture 4Anthony Palumbo, Jana Tarver, Lisa Fagan, Meghan McNeilly, Rose Ruther, James AmonettePotential for Metal Leaching and Toxicity from Fly Ash Applied for Increasing Carbon Sequestration in Soil
2005Agriculture 1Tomasz Szczygielski, Agnieszka Myszkowska, Ryszard Coufal, Olga KopczynskaPeat Consolidation with Bottom Ash - Theory and Practice
2005Agriculture 1Scott Mackiewicz, E. FergusonStabilization of Soil with Self-Cementing Coal Ashes
2005Agriculture 2Alex Elliot, Dong-ke ZhangControlled Release Zeolite Fertilisers: A Value Added Product Produced from Fly Ash
2005Agriculture 2Isa Yunusa, Derek Eamus, D. De Silva, Brad Murray, M. Burchett, Deborah Skilliter, Craig HeidrichProspects for Coal Ash in the Management of Australian Soils
2005Cement and Concrete 1: Alkali & Silica ReactionLuis Malvar, Lary LenkeMinimum Fly Ash Cement Replacement To Mitigate Alkali Silica Reaction
2005Cement and Concrete 10Abdullah Lav, M. Lav, Burak GoktepeAnalysis and Design of a Stabilized Fly Ash as Pavement Base Material
2005Cement and Concrete 2Anil Misra, Sushant ruhlman, Frederick Gustin, Ali Roohanirad, Jonathan StokesFull-Depth Cold In-Place Recycling of Asphalt Pavements Using Self-Cementing Fly Ash: Field and Laboratory Study
2005Cement and Concrete 3M. Jones, Aikaterini McCarthy, Andy BoothComparative Performance of Beneficiated Run-of-Station Fly Ash as Cement
2005Cement and Concrete 4Michael Kalinski, Praveen YerraHydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Cement-Stabilized Fly Ash
2005Cement and Concrete 5John Fox-xChanges in Fly Ash With Thermal Treatment
2005Cement and Concrete 5Nikolaos Koukouzas, Charis Vassilatos, Ioannis GlarakisMixture of Lignite Fly Ash in Concrete: Physical and Mineralogical Characterization – Case Study from Ptolemais, Northern Greece
2005Cement and Concrete 5Doug Cross, Jerry Stephens, Jason VollmerStructural Applications of 100 Percent Fly Ash Concrete
2005Cement and Concrete 7Tapiwa Gurupira, Melissa Ochsenbein, John Stencel, Ferdy MartinusDevelopment of an Automated Foam Index Test
2005Cement and Concrete 8John Kinuthia, A. GailiusWaste-Treated Waste: Stabilization of Colliery Waste from South Wales (UK) Using Wastepaper Sludge Ash (WSA)
2005Cement and Concrete 9Richard Livingston, Walairat BumrongjaroenOptimization of Silica Fume, Fly Ash and Cement Mixes for High Performance Concrete
2005Chemistry 1Masayoshi Kimoto, Hiromitsu Matsuda, Hiromi ShiraiInfluence of Coal Properties and Combustion Conditions on Specific Surface Area of Fly Ash
2005Chemistry 1Reto Giere, Huijun Li, Katherine Smith, Mark BlackfordParticulate Emissions from Combustion of a Coal+Tire Blend
2005Chemistry 1Colin Ward, David FrenchRelation between Coal and Fly Ash Mineralogy, Based on Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction Methods
2005Chemistry 2: MercuryDavid Hassett, Loreal Heebink, Debra Pflughoeft-Hassett, Erick Zacher, Lynn BrickettQuantitation and Interpretation of Release of Mercury from Coal Utilization By-Products
2005Chemistry 3: More MercuryDavid Hassett, Erick Zacher, Loreal HeebinkOrganomercury Compound Determination from Microbiologically Mediated CUB Samples
2005Chemistry 4Peter Hesbach, Alexander Abel, Ann Kim, Steven LameyRapid Batch Characterization of Coal Utilization By-Products
2005Chemistry 4Kevin HenkeTrace Element Chemistry of Fly Ashes from Co-combusted Petroleum Coke and Coal
2005Chemistry 5David Hassett, Erick Zacher, Loreal HeebinkDetermination of Expansion Potential of Coal Combustion By-Products
2005Chemistry 5Nikolaos Koukouzas, Rongshu Zeng, Vassileios Perdikatsis, Wendong Xu, Emmanuel Kakaras-xMineralogy and Geochemistry of Greek and Chinese Coal Fly Ash: Research for Potential Applications
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2011KeynoteLisa BradleyIs Coal Ash Toxic? - 2011 WOCA Plenary PODCAST
2011KeynoteLisa BradleyIs Coal Ash Toxic? - 2011 WOCA Plenary PPT
2011KeynoteAnne WeirWorld Customs Organization’s Harmonized System Can Put Coal Ash in a Class of Its Own - WOCA 2011 Plenary PAPER
2011KeynoteAnne WeirWorld Customs Organization's Harmonized System can put Coal Ash in a Class of its Own - 2011 WOCA Plenary PODCAST
2011KeynoteAnne WeirWorld Customs Organization's Harmonized System can put Coalo Ash in a Class of its Own - 2011 WOCA Plenary PPT
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