World of Coal Ash -- May 9-12, 2011

Sessions and Abstracts

Denver, Colorado

Please note: This agenda is subject to change, and may change often, as the need arises.


The Science of Ash Utilization - A Short Course:   May 9, 2011
8:00 AM -8:30 AM Breakfast/Coffee
8:30 AM -12:00 PM Instruction
12:00 PM -1:00 PM Lunch provided
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Instruction
PLENARY SPEAKERS - Tuesday, May 10th from 8:00am to 10:00am

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Tuesday, 10 May Concurrent Session 1
Tuesday08:00Welcoming Remarks
Tuesday08:30KeynoteIs Coal Ash Toxic?Lisa Bradley
Tuesday09:00KeynoteWorld Customs Organization's Harmonized System Classification of Coal AshAnne Weir
Tuesday10:00Coffee Break
Cement and Concrete IModerator(s):
Robert Jewell/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Tuesday10:30Cement and Concrete IThe Early Age Behavior of Biomass Fired and Co-fired Fly Ash in ConcreteChristopher Shearer
N. N. Yeboah
Kimberly Kurtis
Susan Burns
Tuesday11:00Cement and Concrete IThe Potential to Re-use CCPs at Eraring Power Station in NSW, AustraliaGarry Craig
Tuesday11:30Cement and Concrete IDefining a Research Program for Cement, Brick, and Block Production from a Novel FGD ProductJohn Dryden
Mag Malek
Tuesday12:00Sponsored Lunch
Cement and Concrete IIModerator(s):
Robert Rathbone/Boral Industries Inc.
Tuesday13:00Cement and Concrete IIDevelopment of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) by Using High Volume of Calcareous Fly AshIoanna Papayianni
Eleftherios Anastasiou
Tuesday13:30Cement and Concrete IIIdentification and Verification of Self-Cementing Fly-Ash Binders for "Green" ConcreteColter Roskos
Doug Cross
Michael Berry
Jerry Stephens
Tuesday14:00Cement and Concrete IIWITHDRAW - 5-5-11 - Pozzolanic Performance Enhancement of Fly Ash by High Efficiency Ultrafine GrindingRaymond Hemmings
Brandon Williams
Chris Martin
Bruce Cornelius
Tuesday14:30Cement and Concrete IITo Be Arranged
Tuesday15:00Coffee Break
James Hower/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

Tuesday, 10 May Concurrent Session 2
Tuesday08:00Welcoming Remarks
Tuesday08:30KeynoteIs Coal Ash Toxic? - 2011 WOCA Plenary PPTLisa Bradley
Tuesday09:00KeynoteWorld Customs Organization's Harmonized System can put Coalo Ash in a Class of its Own - 2011 WOCA Plenary PPTAnne Weir
Tuesday10:00Coffee Break
Environment IModerator(s):
M. Jones/University of Dundee
Tuesday10:30Environment ICoal Ash Concrete Blocks for Reduction of Algal Growth and Ammonia ToxicitySangchul Hwang
Perla Torres
Carlos Colon
Tuesday11:00Environment IStructured Geomembrane Liners in Landfill Base and Closure SystemsClark West
Tuesday11:30Environment IUsing a Raster Based Geographic Information Systems Approach to Identify and Critically Compare Potential Subpart C Coal Ash Landfill SitesMark Rokoff
Tuesday12:00Sponsored Lunch
Environment IIModerator(s):
Mae Gustin/University of Nevada
Tuesday13:00Environment IIQuantifying the Costs of Subtitle C Regulation of Coal Combustion Residuals Using Site-Specific Data: Why Limitations in Publicly-Available Data Lead to Estimation ErrorDawn Santoianni
Jennifer Whaley
Matthew Bingham
Kenneth Ladwig
James Lingle
Tuesday13:30Environment IIClosure of Unlined CCR Impoundments: Working with State and Federal Agencies to Develop a Mutually Acceptable SolutionBruce Hensel
Eric Tlachac
Michael Bollinger
Renee Cipriano
Tuesday14:00Environment IIPotential Effect of Proposed Coal Combustion Residuals Regulation and Alternative Leach Testing on Beneficial ReuseA. Elizabeth Perry
Douglas Hermann
Tuesday14:30Environment IIMercury Release from Soils Amended with Flue Gas Desulfurization SolidsChristian Briggs
Rebekka Fine
Mae Gustin
Tuesday15:00Coffee Break
James Hower/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

Tuesday, 10 May Concurrent Session 3
Tuesday08:00Welcoming Remarks
Tuesday08:30KeynoteIs Coal Ash Toxic? - 2011 WOCA Plenary PODCASTLisa Bradley
Tuesday09:00KeynoteWorld Customs Organization's Harmonized System can put Coalo Ash in a Class of its Own - 2011 WOCA Plenary PODCASTAnne Weir
Tuesday10:00Coffee Break
Agriculture IModerator(s):
James Hower/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Tuesday10:30Agriculture IUse of FGD Gypsum on a Bermudagrass Pasture in the Appalachian Plateau RegionDexter Watts
H. Allen Torbert
Tuesday11:00Agriculture IEvaluation of FGD-Gypsum to Improve Forage Production and Reduce Phosphorus Losses from Piedmont SoilsHarry Schomberg
Dwight Fisher
Dinku Endale
Dory Franklin
Michael Jenkins
Tuesday11:30Agriculture ITopical Application of Manufactured Aggregates to Cordyline fruticosa and Phaselous vulgarisSangchul Hwang
Isomar Latorre
Tuesday12:00Sponsored Lunch
Thomas Adams/American Coal Ash Association
Tuesday13:00RegulationsLegal Certainity: Why We Need to Change the Waste ParadigmCraig Heidrich
Tuesday13:30RegulationsCoal Combustion Products in Europe - Standardisation, Regulation, BeneficiationHans-Joachim Feuerborn
Tuesday14:00RegulationsSupply Chain Approach for Developing New CCPs OpportunitiesAlice Woodhead
Craig Heidrich
Tuesday14:30RegulationsWeathering the Storm of Change: Important Changes in CCR Management Certain to Impact the Power Industry…Where Are We Now?Mark Rokoff
Tuesday15:00Coffee Break
James Hower/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

Tuesday, 10 May Concurrent Session 4
Tuesday08:00Welcoming Remarks
Tuesday10:00Coffee Break
Beneficiation IModerator(s):
John Groppo/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Tuesday10:30Beneficiation IBeneficial Use of Fly Ash for Airport Safeway Extension over Multiple Year ProjectJohn Trast
Dawn DeJardin
Gerard Skrzypchak
Tuesday11:00Beneficiation IManaging Coal Combustion Products and Process Water in the New Regulatory EnvironmentCraig Schuettpelz
Todd Stong
Ron Jorgenson
Tuesday11:30Beneficiation ITo Be Arranged
Tuesday12:00Sponsored Lunch
Beneficiation IIModerator(s):
Henk Nugteren/Delft University of Technology
Tuesday13:00Beneficiation IIDry CFB-FGD By-Product Utilization - International ProspectivesYabing Jiang
Milton Wu
Qingfa Su-x
Maoyuan Liu
Chiqian Lin
Tuesday13:30Beneficiation IIPolish Chemical Plant Utilizes Separation Technologies’ Carbon Removal ProcessJames Bittner
Stephen Gasiorowski
Wledek Lewandowski
Tuesday14:00Beneficiation IICommercial Update on Beneficiation Process Staged Turbulent Air Reactor (STAR)Jimmy Knowles
William Fedorka
Robbie Hendrix
John Castleman
Todd Wilson
Tuesday14:30Beneficiation IICoal Fly Ash Activated by Waste Sodium Aluminate Solutions as an Immobilizer for Hazardous WasteHenk Nugteren
Mary Ogundiran
Geert-Jan Witkamp
Michiel Kreutzer
Tuesday15:00Coffee Break
James Hower/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

Tuesday, 10 May Concurrent Session 5
Tuesday08:00Welcoming Remarks
Tuesday10:00Coffee Break
Chemistry IModerator(s):
Jennifer O'Keefe/Morehead State University Department of Earth and Space Sciences
Tuesday10:30Chemistry ITesting the Ammonia Content of Class F Fly AshSteven Butler
Tuesday11:00Chemistry I"Alkaine Activation" as a Procedure for the Transformation of Fly Ash into New Materals Part I: ApplicationsAngel Palomo
Ana Fernandez-Jimenez
Tuesday11:30Chemistry ICarbonation of Brine Slurried Size Fractionated Coal Combustion Fly AshG. Nyambura Muriithi
Wilson Gitari
Leslie Petrik
Tuesday12:00Sponsored Lunch
Chemistry IIModerator(s):
James Hower/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Tuesday13:00Chemistry IIInfluence of Coal Geochemistry on the Leaching of Lignite-fired By-productsMaria Izquierdo
Nikolaos Koukouzas
Sofia Touliou
Kyriakos Panopoulos
Xavier Querol
Grigorios Itskos
Tuesday13:30Chemistry IIFly Ash Leachability of Trace Elements from Blended Subbituminous Coal CombustionPrasanna Seshadri
Dennis Sisk
Frank Bowman
Steven Benson
Wayne Seames
Tuesday14:00Chemistry IICo-Gasification of Biomass: Effect on the Fate of Trace ElementsOriol Font
Patricia Cordoba
Xavier Querol
Pilar Coca
F. Garcia
Tuesday14:30Chemistry IIAre Fly Ashes Green?Takao Tanosaki
Qijun Yu
Shigeyoshi Nagataki
Tuesday15:00Coffee Break
James Hower/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

Wednesday, 11 May Concurrent Session 1
Cement and Concrete IIIModerator(s):
M. Jones/University of Dundee
Wednesday08:00Cement and Concrete IIIA Performance-based Fly Ash Classification System Using Glassy Particle Chemical Composition DataWalairat Bumrongjaroen
Isabelle Muller
Richard Livingston
Jeff Davis
Wednesday08:30Cement and Concrete IIIEvaluation of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Ash Products to be used in Cement ConcreteXiuping Feng
Boyd Clark
Wednesday09:00Cement and Concrete IIINew Applications of Concrete-Friendly Mercury Sorbent C-PACTMYinzhi Zhang
Ronald Landreth
Daryl Lipscomb
Wednesday09:30Cement and Concrete IIILeaching and Adsorption Modeling of Boron in Fly Ash and Nonlinear Transport AnalysisJanuarti Ekaputri
Koichi Maekawa
Wednesday10:00Coffee Break
Cement and Concrete IVModerator(s):
Robert Rathbone/Boral Industries Inc.
Wednesday10:30Cement and Concrete IVEffect of Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) in Geopolymer ConcreteKunal Kupwade-Patil
Erez Allouche
Wednesday11:00Cement and Concrete IVExperimental Evaluation of Self-Cure Geopolymer Concrete for Mass Pour ApplicationsSaiprasad Vaidya
E. Ivan Diaz-Loya
Erez Allouche
Wednesday11:30Cement and Concrete IVImproving Durability and Reducing the Risk of Cracking in High Volume Fly Ash Concrete with Internal CuringTimothy Barrett
Igor De la Varga
J. Schlitter
Jason Weiss
Wednesday12:00Lunch - on your own
Cement and Concrete VModerator(s):
Thomas Robl/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Wednesday13:00Cement and Concrete VThe Use of Fluidized Bed Combustion Ash to Activate Ground Granulated Blast Furnace SlagAnne Oberlink
Thomas Robl
Wednesday13:30Cement and Concrete VThermal Performance of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete During and After CuringAndrea Solis
Stephan Durham
Anu Ramaswami
Wednesday14:00Cement and Concrete VIn-Boiler Beneficiation of Coal Combustion Products for Enhanced Cementitious ValueMarc Zacharias
Karla Kruse
Anthony Bentivegna
Sunna Wallevik
Paul Sandberg
Olafur Wallevik
Wednesday14:30Cement and Concrete VNO SHOW AT CONF - Using Air Classification to Process Coal Ash to Make a Cement AdditiveClarence Kreiser
Wednesday15:00Coffee Break
Cement and Concrete VIModerator(s):
Jennifer O'Keefe/Morehead State University Department of Earth and Space Sciences
Wednesday15:30Cement and Concrete VIThe Use of Non-Commercial Fly Ash in Roller Compacted Concrete StructuresAndrew Aceves
Wednesday16:00Cement and Concrete VISustainable Fly Ash Bridge Deck Concrete OverlayMohammad Alhassan
Suleiman Ashur
Wednesday16:30Cement and Concrete VIClass C Mixtures as Alternates to Portland-based Foundation ConcreteWilliam Caires
Stan Peters

Wednesday, 11 May Concurrent Session 2
Mining and Reclamation IModerator(s):
John Groppo/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Wednesday08:00Mining and Reclamation IImpacts of Reclamation and Remining on Watersheds of Pre-Law Legacy Coal MinesNate Mauger
Robert Baker
Tarunjit Butalia
William Wolfe
Wednesday08:30Mining and Reclamation IPractical Considerations for the Management and Closure of Wet Coal Ash Pond SystemsChristopher Hardin
Nick Perrotta
Wednesday09:00Mining and Reclamation IWITHDRAW 5-7-11 Studies on Coal Ash for Backfilling in an Abandoned Coal Mine - Gorbi Mine a Case StudyShiv Dube
Wednesday09:30Mining and Reclamation ITo Be Arranged
Wednesday10:00Coffee Break
Mining and Reclamation IIModerator(s):
Chin-Min Cheng/The Ohio State University
Wednesday10:30Mining and Reclamation IIUse of Alkaline Coal Ash for Reclamation of a Former Strip MineJennifer Kolbe
Linda Lee
Chad Jafvert
Ishwar Murarka
Wednesday11:00Mining and Reclamation IIFGD By-Product Utilization at Ohio Coal Mine Sites: Leaching Studies and Life Cycle AssessmentHarold Walker
Rachel Pasini
Chin-Min Cheng-x
Robert Baker
Tarunjit Butalia
William Wolfe
Wednesday11:30Mining and Reclamation IIRemediation Technology for Abandoned Mine Waste with Coal Combustion Product (CCP)Jae Yang
Wednesday12:00Lunch - on your own
Ponds IModerator(s):
James Hower/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Wednesday13:00Ponds IA Twenty-Month Geochemical and Isotopic Investigation into the Environmental Impacts of the 2008 TVA Coal Ash SpillLaura Ruhl
Avner Vengosh
Gary Dwyer
Heileen Hsu-Kim
Amrika Deonarine
Wednesday13:30Ponds ISoil-Cement Mixing in Coal Ash for Seismic Stability of the Kingston CCR FacilityDon Fuller
Michael Steele
Alan Rauch
Vernon Dotson
Wednesday14:00Ponds ITVA Colbert's Pond 4 - Improving Operations of a Key Asset while Preparing for ClosureMark Rokoff
Wednesday14:30Ponds IIntroduction of a Novel Approach - Beneficial Reuse of CCP's to Dramatically Reduce Landfill Airspace Construction CostsCarlton Dudding
Scott Sheridan
Douglas Brown
Wednesday15:00Coffee Break
Ponds IIModerator(s):
Laura Ruhl/University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Wednesday15:30Ponds IIDevelopment and Implementation of a Quality Assurance Program for the TVA Kingston Fly Ash Recovery ProjectJoseph Kraycik
Stephen Brower
Rock Vitale
William Rogers
Wednesday16:00Ponds IITVA CCR Disposal Facility AssessmentJohn Montgomery
John Kammeyer
Alan Casaday
Michael Turnbow
Wednesday16:30Ponds IIRisk Reduction at Ash Disposal Area No. 2 TVA Johnsonville Fossil Plant New Johnsonville, Humphreys County, TennesseeStephen Bickel
Roberto Sanchez

Wednesday, 11 May Concurrent Session 3
Environment IIIModerator(s):
David Goss/DC Goss LLC
Wednesday08:00Environment IIIUnderstanding CCP Leaching ProceduresMonte Ellis
Charles Wilson
Jane Thomas
Wednesday08:30Environment IIIClosure System for Waste Sites: Using an Impermeable Synthetic Grass Cover SystemClark West
M. Ayers
J. Urrutia
Wednesday09:00Environment IIICoal Flyash Used for New Environmental Coating ProductDavid Hansen
Wednesday09:30Environment IIINO SHOW AT CONF - Poured Earth: A Bridge to SustainabilityMichael Frerking
Wednesday10:00Coffee Break
Environment IVModerator(s):
David Goss/DC Goss LLC
Wednesday10:30Environment IVFinding Redemption - Ash Pond Closures in Light of Proposed Federal CCR RulesSteven Putrich
Todd McDaniels
Wednesday11:00Environment IVEnvironmental and Health Aspects of Ashes Produced at Co-combustion of BiomassR.J. van Eijk
Henk te Winkel
Arthur Stam
Wednesday11:30Environment IVVegetation Impacts of Inorganics in an Ash-Impacted Cattail MarshJoseph Robb
Tamara Sorell
Rebecca Devries
Dan Cooke
Wednesday12:00Lunch - on your own
Environment VModerator(s):
Lisa Bradley/Haley & Aldrich
Wednesday13:00Environment VImmobilization of Radioactive Waste in Fly Ash Based GeopolymersAlex Cozzi
C. Bannochie
Paul Burket
Charles Crawford
Carol Jantzen
Wednesday13:30Environment VEvaluation of Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) False Positives for Arsenic and Trace Metals Analysis in Coal Ash and Coal Ash MediaRichard Rago
Glen Breland
Wednesday14:00Environment VManagement and Treatment Alternatives for CCP-Influenced WatersPeter Lemke
Phillip Crouse
Wednesday14:30Environment VNew LOI Monitor for Maximizing Accuracy and Reliability Using Calcination TechniquesFrancisco Rodriguez
Enrique Tova
Miguel Morales
Miguel Delgado
Mariano Reyes
Wednesday15:00Coffee Break
Environment VIModerator(s):
Anne Weir/CIRCA Canadian Industries Recycling Coal Ash
Wednesday15:30Environment VICCR Monofill Groundwater Monitoring – Importance of Groundwater Redox ConditionsMichael Alowitz
Kevin Armstrong
Wednesday16:00Environment VIThe Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework as a Tool for Evaluating Release from Coal Combustion ResiduesAndrew Garrabrants
David Kosson
Rossane DeLapp
Susan Thorneloe
Greg Helms
Mark Baldwin
Peter Kariher
Wednesday16:30Environment VIFGD Gypsum Filters Remove Soluble Phosphorus from Agricultural Drainage WatersRay Bryant
Athony Buda
Peter Kleinman
Clint Church
Salil Bose
Arthur Allen

Wednesday, 11 May Concurrent Session 4
New Products IModerator(s):
Richard Kruger/Richonne Consulting
Wednesday08:00New Products IDevelopment of Acoustic Barriers Composed Mainly of Co-Combustion Bottom AshCelia Garcia-Arenas
Luis Vilches
Héctor Cifuentes
Carlos Leiva
Jose Vale
Constantino Fernandez-Pereira
Wednesday08:30New Products IAccelerated Aging Test of Composites Based on Rubber, Recycled Plastics and Fly AshAnca Duta
Cristina Cazan
Wednesday09:00New Products IFlyash Based Bacterial Pesticides for Mosquito ControlP. Jambulingam
S. Doss
S. Tamilselvan
Arulsamy Manonmani
Wednesday09:30New Products ITo Be Arranged
Wednesday10:00Coffee Break
New Products IIModerator(s):
Richard Kruger/Richonne Consulting
Wednesday10:30New Products IITo Be Arranged
Wednesday11:00New Products IIPollution Mitigation Using Porous Refractory Substrates Fabricated from Fly AshEric Ramberg
Stephen Dynan
Wednesday11:30New Products IINO SHOW AT CONF - Structure Property Correlation and Wear Behaviour of Copper Coated Fly Ash Cenospheres – Aluminium 6061 CompositesT. Prashanth
K. Murthy
C. Umesh
M. Kumar
Wednesday12:00Lunch - on your own
Beneficiation IIIModerator(s):
Dale Bradshaw/NRECA CRN
Wednesday13:00Beneficiation IIIFly Ash Reclamation through BeneficiationKyle Crake
Wednesday13:30Beneficiation IIIAn Aid To Fugitive Material Control In Coal Ash ApplicationsEdwin Peterson
Wednesday14:00Beneficiation IIILow Strength Ash StabilizationSteven Birdwell
Wednesday14:30Beneficiation IIIThe Time has come to Mine and Refine Coal AshDale Bradshaw
Wednesday15:00Coffee Break
Beneficiation IVModerator(s):
Sangchul Hwang/University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
Wednesday15:30Beneficiation IVPreserving Structural Fill and Mine Reclamation as Acceptable Beneficial Reuse of CCPsChristopher Hardin
John Daniels
Wednesday16:00Beneficiation IVQuantifying the Benefits of Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum in Sustainable Wallboard ProductionJin Lee
Sabrina Bradshaw
Tuncer Edil
Craig Benson
Wednesday16:30Beneficiation IVEvaluation of Flow Characteristics of Fly Ash Slurry at 40% Solid Concentration with and without an AdditiveHrushikesh Naik
Manoj Mishra
Karanam Rao

Wednesday, 11 May Concurrent Session 5
Chemistry IIIModerator(s):
Maria Izquierdo/University of Nottingham
Wednesday08:00Chemistry IIIFate of Mercury and Other Trace Elements in an Oxy Coal Combustion Pilot PlantOriol Font
Patricia Cordoba
Carlos Leiva
Luis Romeo
Irene Bolea
Isabel Guedea
Natalia Moreno
Xavier Querol
Carlos Fernandez
L. Diez
Wednesday08:30Chemistry IIINaturally Occurring Radionuclides in Australian Coal Combustion Products (CCPs)Craig Heidrich
Wednesday09:00Chemistry IIINO SHOW AT CONF - A Novel Way of Utilization of Solid Waste Fly Ash as an Ecofriendly Base CatalystDeepti Jain
Ashu Rani
Wednesday09:30Chemistry IIITo Be Arranged
Wednesday10:00Coffee Break
Chemistry IVModerator(s):
Oriol Font/CSIC (Spanish Research Council)
Wednesday10:30Chemistry IVEnrichment and Speciation of Elements in Re-circulated Waters from Desulphurisation at Two Spanish Power PlantsPatricia Cordoba
Oriol Font
Maria Izquierdo
Xavier Querol
Carlos Ayora
Antonio Gimenez
Wednesday11:00Chemistry IVSpectral Emittance Characteristics of Powdery and Molten Coal AshesFabian Greffrath
Martin Schiemann
Ing. V. Scherer
Alfred Gwosdz
Wednesday11:30Chemistry IVNO SHOW AT CONF - X-ray Phase Analysis of the Power-Plant Fly AshPawel Darlak
Piotr Dlugosz
M. Homa
J. Bonarski
M. Faryna
Wednesday12:00Lunch - on your own
Aggregates IModerator(s):
Tarunjit Butalia/The Ohio State University
Wednesday13:00Aggregates IFoamed Flash-Fill to Mitigate Frost Heaving of Street Repair PatchesDarin Duran
Stan Peters
Wednesday13:30Aggregates IBeneficial Use of Off-Specification Fly Ash to Improve the Small-Strain Stiffness of Expansive Soil-Rubber MixturesJ. Antonio Carraro
Ethan Wiechert
Jesse Dunham-Friel
Wednesday14:00Aggregates IOperations and Maintenance Guidelines for Coal Ash Landfills - Coal Ash Landfills are NOT the Same as Subtitle D Solid Waste LandfillsChristopher Hardin
Nick Perrotta
Wednesday14:30Aggregates IAdvances in Design of Landfills over CCR Ponds and LandfillsJohn Seymour
Michael Houlihan
Wednesday15:00Coffee Break
Aggregates IIModerator(s):
Tarunjit Butalia/The Ohio State University
Wednesday15:30Aggregates IILaboratory Analysis of Geocomposites for Use in Drainage Systems for CCP LandfillsAlexis Semach
Gary Zych
William Wolfe
Tarunjit Butalia
Wednesday16:00Aggregates IIHardening Properties of Controlled Low Strength Material Made with Coal AshesJin-young Kong
Hyuk-sang Jung
Wednesday16:30Aggregates IIPilot Scale Test for Application of Controlled Low Strength Materials Made with Coal AshesHyuk-sang Jung
Jin-young Kong

Thursday, 12 May Concurrent Session 1
Cement and Concrete VIIModerator(s):
Anne Egelston/Spitfire Consulting, Inc.
Thursday08:00Cement and Concrete VIICO2 Credits for Dummies: A Reference from the Beneficiation Side - Certifying CO2 Credits for Fly Ash Replacement of Portland Cement in a State Regulatory ConstructAnne Egelston
Lisa Cooper
Thursday08:30Cement and Concrete VIIHow Does Pozzolanic Reaction Make Concrete "Green"?Edwin Dunstan
Thursday09:00Cement and Concrete VIIAsh Quality in Europe - Primary and Secondary MeasuresNicolai Bech
Hans-Joachim Feuerborn
Thursday09:30Cement and Concrete VIIFly Ash Route to Low Embodied CO2 and Implications for Concrete ConstructionM. Jones
Michael McCarthy
Moray Newlands
Thursday10:00Coffee Break
Cement and Concrete VIIIModerator(s):
Lisa Cooper/PMI Ash Technologies, LLC
Thursday10:30Cement and Concrete VIIINO SHOW AT CONF - Experimental Study on Mechanical Property of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete Triwulan
Januarti Ekaputri
Thursday11:00Cement and Concrete VIIINO SHOW AT CONF - Study of the Self Compacting High Volume Fly Ash Concrete Using Silica Fume AdmixturePrakash Parasivamurthy
Veena Jawali
B.V. Kumar
Thursday11:30Cement and Concrete VIIITo Be Arranged
Thursday12:00Lunch - on your own
Aggregates IIIModerator(s):
Donald Saylak/Texas A&M University
Thursday13:00Aggregates IIIStructural Monitoring of Full-Scale Asphalt Pavements Reclaimed Using Class F Fly AshTarunjit Butalia
William Wolfe
James Kirch
Thursday13:30Aggregates IIIEvaluation of Manufactured Fluidized Bed Combustion Ash Aggregate as Road Base Course MaterialsChang-Seon Shon
Donald Saylak
Suren Mishra
Thursday14:00Aggregates IIIGeotechnical Properties of Fly Ash and Soil Mixtures for Use in Highway EmbankmentsFabio Santos
Lin Li
Yadong Li
Farshad Amini
Thursday14:30Aggregates IIIEffect of Additives on Slag Properties in an Entrained Bed GasifierYajuan Wei
Hanxu Li
Kenichi Honma
Takao Tanosaki
Yoshihiko Ninomiya
Masato Kawaguchi
Norihisa Tatarazako
Thursday15:00Coffee Break
Aggregates IVModerator(s):
Donald Saylak/Texas A&M University
Thursday15:30Aggregates IVThe Utilization Potential of Anthracite CFBC Spent Bed Fly Ash as a Concrete AdditiveThomas Robl
Josh Brien
Anne Oberlink
Thursday16:00Aggregates IVNO SHOW AT CONF - In Situ Characteristics of FBC Ash Stabilized Soil and Aggregates BasesAlelí Osorio Lird
Guillermo Thenoux
Marcelo Gonzalez
Thursday16:30Aggregates IVResearch and Applications of Greek Calcareous Fly Ash in Geotechnical ApplicationsIoanna Papayianni
Eleftherios Anastasiou
Michalis Papachristoforou

Thursday, 12 May Concurrent Session 2
Kingston IModerator(s):
Anne Aiken/Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Thursday08:00Kingston IProgress Update - TVA Kingston Ash Recovery ProjectDennis Yankee
Steve McCracken
Thursday08:30Kingston ITVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project Regulatory FrameworkCraig Zeller
Thursday09:00Kingston IAssessing Risks in a Dynamic Environment –The TVA Kingston Ash Recovery ProjectDaniel Jones
Mark Stack
Suzy Young
Neil Carriker
Thursday09:30Kingston IIntegrated Ecological Research TVA Kingston Ash Recovery ProjectNeil Carriker
Dennis Yankee
Rick Sherrard
William Rogers
Daniel Jones
Suzy Young
Paul Clay
Thursday10:00Coffee Break
Kingston IIModerator(s):
Anne Aiken/Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Thursday10:30Kingston IICreating “Bullet-Proof” Environmental Information – A Case Study in Driving an Emergency Response to a Highly Managed ProcessRock Vitale
Ruth Forman
Dennis Callaghan
Thursday11:00Kingston IISimulation of Erosion, Transport, and Long-Term Fate of Coal Fly ash from the TVA Kingston SiteStephen Scott
Thursday11:30Kingston IIQ&A Session
Thursday12:00Lunch - on your own
Ponds IIIModerator(s):
James Hower/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Thursday13:00Ponds IIIAlternatives to Discharge for High Metal Bearing Water from Coal Ash PondsFrank Marine
Thursday13:30Ponds IIIPond Closures: Solving a Complicated PuzzleMark Rokoff
Thursday14:00Ponds IIIComparison of Risks for Leachate from Coal Combustion Product Landfills and Impoundments with Risks for Leachate from Municipal Solid Waste Landfill FacilitiesLisa Bradley
Kris Carbonneau
Christine Archer
Kenneth Ladwig
Thursday14:30Ponds IIITo Be Arranged
Thursday15:00Coffee Break
Agriculture IIModerator(s):
Harry Schomberg/USDA Agricultural Research Service
Thursday15:30Agriculture IIEffect of Coal Fly Ash on Agricultural Crops: Showcase Project on Use of Fly Ash in Agriculture in and around Thermal Power Station Areas of National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd., IndiaKandasamy Arivazhagan
Shiv Dube
V. Mathur
Thursday16:00Agriculture IIPerformance of Several Crops Grown in Fly Ash Amended SoilSiddharth Singh
Dadibal Gond
Amit Pal
B.K. Tewary
A. Sinha
Thursday16:30Agriculture IITo Be Arranged

Thursday, 12 May Concurrent Session 3
Environment VIIModerator(s):
Kurt Herman/Gradient
Thursday08:00Environment VIIChemical Constituents in Coal Combustion Residues: Risks and Toxicological UpdatesAri Lewis
Thursday08:30Environment VIIToxicity Mitigation and Solidification of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Fly Ash Using Alkaline Activated Coal AshE. Ivan Diaz-Loya
Erez Allouche
Sven Eklund
Thursday09:00Environment VIIMonitored Natural Attenuation: A Remediation Strategy for Groundwater Impacted by Coal Combustion Product LeachateGregory Miller
Thursday09:30Environment VIIFly Ash Substrates for Complex Wastewater TreatmentMaria Visa
Mihaela Nacu
Radu Carcel
Thursday10:00Coffee Break
Environment VIIIModerator(s):
Kurt Herman/Gradient
Thursday10:30Environment VIIIDewatering a Dry Fly Ash Stack The Piggyback Part 1James Tipton
Rachel Combs
Hugo Aparicio
Thursday11:00Environment VIIIClay-Lime Stabilization: Characterizing Fly Ash Effects in Minimizing the Risk of Sulfate-HeaveMichael McCarthy
Lazslo Csetenyi
M. Jones
Anisha Sachdeva
Thursday11:30Environment VIIIGeosynthetic Clay Liners in Coal Combustion Residual Containment ApplicationsChris Athanassopoulos
Thursday12:00Lunch - on your own
Environment IXModerator(s):
Robert Rathbone/Boral Industries Inc.
Thursday13:00Environment IXChanges to the Storage, Disposal, and Re-use Practices Relative to Coal Combustion Residuals in the Light of USEPA Proposed RegulationsVernon Dotson
Neil Davies
Thursday13:30Environment IXProposed CCP Disposal Regulations: Groundwater Monitoring and RecordkeepingTammy Rauen
Michelle Nordwald
Thursday14:00Environment IXComprehensive Approach for Managing Risk from CCP Storage FacilitiesStephen Whiteside
William Friers
Michael Schumaker
John Reichling
Thursday14:30Environment IXHow to Overcome NIMBY Opposition for Storage and Disposal of Fly AshJohn Davies
Thursday15:00Coffee Break
Environment XModerator(s):
Robert Jewell/University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Thursday15:30Environment XRegulatory Overview and Status Coal Combustion ResidualsMark Wollschlager
Thursday16:00Environment XPractical Approaches to Meeting the Pending Stem Electric Power Effluent Guidelines for CCB Landfill LeachateMichael Houlihan
Michael Hayes
Thursday16:30Environment XTo Be Arranged

Thursday, 12 May Concurrent Session 4
New Products IIIModerator(s):
James Hicks/CeraTech, Inc.
Thursday08:00New Products IIITo Be Arranged
Thursday08:30New Products IIIThe Use of Bottom Ash in the Manufacture of Clay Face BrickGarth Tayler
William Daidone
Thursday09:00New Products IIITo Be Arranged
Thursday09:30New Products IIITo Be Arranged
Thursday10:00Coffee Break
New Products IVModerator(s):
James Hicks/CeraTech, Inc.
Thursday10:30New Products IVMeeting Specifications with Fly Ash Based Cements and ProductsJames Hicks
Thursday11:00New Products IVNO SHOW AT CONF - Class F Fly Ash As A Filler For RubbersMatthew Yang
Mei-In Chou
Thursday11:30New Products IVPressure Infiltration Technique for the Synthesis of A356 Al/fly ash Composites: Microstructure, Tribological and Mechanical PerformanceGrigorios Itskos
Pradeep Rohatgi
Angeliki Moutsatsou
Charalampos Vasilatos
John Defow
Nikolaos Koukouzas
Thursday12:00Lunch - on your own
New Products VModerator(s):
Craig Heidrich/Ash Development Assoc. of Australia
Thursday13:00New Products VIncorporation of High-Ca Fly Ash particles into A356 Al by Stir Casting Technique and Characterization of the Fabricated CompositesGrigorios Itskos
Pradeep Rohatgi
Angeliki Moutsatsou
Hans Roven
Benjamin Schultz
Nikolaos Koukouzas
Charalampos Vasilatos
Thursday13:30New Products VHeavy Metals Removal on Dye – Modified Fly Ash SubstratesMaria Visa
Thursday14:00New Products VFerrospheres from Fly Ashes: Composition and Catalytic Properties in High-Temperature Oxidation of MethaneAlexandre Anshits
Olga Sharonova
Natalia Anshits
Sergei Vereshchagin
Evgenii Rabchevskii
Leonid Solovjev
Thursday14:30New Products VFly Ash Cenospheres: Composition, Morphology, Structure, and Helium PermeabilityElena Fomenko
Natalia Anshits
Marina Pankova
Leonid Solovyov
Alexandre Anshits
Thursday15:00Coffee Break
New Products VIModerator(s):
Craig Heidrich/Ash Development Assoc. of Australia
Thursday15:30New Products VINO SHOW AT CONF - Interaction between Separated Fraction of Fly Ash (Cenospheres) and Liquid 7075 Aluminium AlloyAleksandra Siewiorek
Piotr Dlugosz
Pawel Darlak
J. Sobczak
N. Sobczak
Thursday16:00New Products VINO SHOW AT CONF - Squeeze Casting of MAGFA (Magnesium Alloy - Fly Ash) CompositiesPawel Darlak
Piotr Dlugosz
J. Sobczak
T. Regula
Aleksandra Siewiorek
Thursday16:30New Products VINO SHOW AT CONF - Synthesis of Aluminum Based Metal Matrix Composite with Cenospheres as Reinforcement MaterialPiotr Dlugosz
Pawel Darlak
J. Sobczak
T. Regula
Aleksandra Siewiorek

Thursday, 12 May Concurrent Session 5
Thursday08:00To Be Arranged
Thursday08:30To Be Arranged
Thursday09:00To Be Arranged
Thursday09:30To Be Arranged
Thursday10:00To Be Arranged
Thursday10:30To Be Arranged
Thursday11:00To Be Arranged
Thursday11:30To Be Arranged
Thursday12:00To Be Arranged
Thursday13:00To Be Arranged
Thursday13:30To Be Arranged
Thursday14:00To Be Arranged
Thursday14:30To Be Arranged
Thursday15:00To Be Arranged
Thursday15:30To Be Arranged
Thursday16:00To Be Arranged
Thursday16:30To Be Arranged